Stevens EP-Fleece Roofing Membrane

Now you can get the benefits of Stevens EP, the world's most proven and widely used brand of reinforced TPO roofing, with a fleece backing for a wide variety of applications.

With more than a decade of proven experience and field performance Stevens EP has been combined with a high quality non-woven backing to create the world’s first reinforced TPO fleece backed membrane.

Highest Wind Ratings in the Industry

The result? Stevens EP-Fleece, a roofing membrane system that is easy-to-install yet delivers some of the highest wind-uplift classification ratings ever achieved by a TPO roofing membrane system.

Stevens EP-Fleece can be mechanically attached or fully adhered and used in both new and re-roofing applications. Mechanically attached assemblies using Stevens EP-Fleece meet all of the same system specifications and FM approvals as the standard Stevens EP membranes.

Fully adhered Stevens EP-Fleece assemblies are installed using VOC compliant Stevens Water-Based Fleece Bonding Adhesive directly over structural or cellular concrete, poured gypsum, Dens-Deck®, wood fiber and polyisocyanurate insulations. Consult the Stevens Technical Department for details.

Membrane Thickness

Stevens EP-Fleece membranes are reinforced with both a polyester scrim and a non-woven fabric, providing toughness, durability and increased puncture resistance. Stevens EP-Fleece is available in two thickness options, offering the designer or specifier maximum flexibility when specifying a roofing system for a specific application.

As with all Stevens Roofing System membranes, Stevens EP-Fleece is hot-air weldable, the strongest most reliable seaming method in the single-ply roofing industry.

Wind Uplift Ratings

All Stevens EP-Fleece installations below meet UL Class A requirements. (Consult the Stevens Technical Department for slope limitations). In addition, Stevens EP-Fleece can achieve a variety of Factory Mutual windstorm classification ratings.

When installed with Stevens Water-Based Fleece Bonding Adhesive applied directly to the substrate, Stevens EP-Fleece can achieve the following FM ratings:

Substrate FM Rating UL Rating
Structural Concrete 1-990 Class A

Concrecel* on structural concrete

1-885 Class A
Celcore* on structural concrete 1-270 Class A
Concrecel on steel deck with 6-ft. purlins 1-120 Class A
Celcore over steel decks 1-90 Class A
Iso insulation over steel decks 1-90 Class A

Stevens EP-Fleece can also be mechanically attached and achieve FM windstorm classification ratings from I - 60 to 1-195.

VOC Compliance 

For fully adhered applications, Stevens EP-Fleece is installed using a state-of-the-art VOC compliant adhesive -- Stevens Water-Based Fleece Adhesive.

Colors, Sizes & Accessories 

All Stevens EP-Fleece membrane is 76.5-inches (1.94 m) wide and comes on rolls 100-feet long (30.5 m). Stevens EP-Fleece is available in white and light gray.

A full assortment of pre-fabricated inside and outside corners, pipe boots and vent gloves are also available from Stevens in matching colors.

Warranty Options

Stevens EP-Fleece is available with a variety of warranty options:

  •  5- & 10-Year Material Only
  •  5-, 10- & 15-Year Material & Labor
  • 10-Year Total System
  • 15-Year Total System
  • 20-Year (consult your local Stevens representative).