Stevens EP-XL Roofing Membrane

High Performance Roofing Systems for Maximum Rooftop Protection and Durability

Stevens EP-XL membrane, is a nominal 80 mil (2 mm) thick TPO (thermoplastic polyolefin) membrane designed to provide superb puncture resistance for maximum rooftop performance and durability.

Our configuration provides 34 mils (.863 mm) of over-scrim coverage, THE THICKEST top-ply in the industry!

Ideal for Schools, Hospitals, and Commercial Applications

Whenever your building requires extra protection or the value-added benefits that a thicker material provides, Stevens EP-XL is an ideal solution. 

Stevens EP-XL is available in energy efficient white, and is packaged on rolls 76.5-in. wide x 75-feet long. This provides 475 square feet of coverage per roll, a huge labor savings when compared to many "thick" roofing systems. Custom roll lengths of up to 100-feet, in one-foot increments, are also available from Stevens.


Installation Options


Stevens EP-XL can be installed using a wide variety of common application methods including:

- Mechanical attachment
- Stone Ballasted
- Paver Ballasted
- Vented Roofing System (VRS)


Stevens EP-XL is installed using all the standard Stevens details, and with all the standard Stevens components such as pre-molded corners, pipe boots and vent gloves, walkway rolls, Stevens insulation, fasteners and plates and Stevens Edge Metal Systems, etc.


UL and FM Requirements 

Stevens EP-XL membrane has achieved Underwriters Laboratory Class A fire resistance classifications (UL 790) at slopes up to one-inch over most polyisocyanurate insulation and unlimited slope over gypsum. Consult the current UL Roofing Materials & Systems Directory.

In addition, mechanically attached Stevens EP-XL has achieved Factory Mutual Windstorm Classification Ratings of:

  • 1-60

  • 1-90

  • 1-120

  • 1-135

  • 1-150

  • 1-195

Consult the current FM Approval Guide for complete details or call the Stevens Technical Department at (800) 621-ROOF ext. 1021.


Energy Efficient & Environmentally Friendly 

Stevens EP-XL membranes are manufactured without any plasticizers or chlorinated components making it ideally suited for applications where environmental issues are a concern.

In addition, Stevens EP-XL membranes are highly reflective and qualify for the EPA Energy Star® Roof Products Program. In addition the Stevens EP-XL membrane helps designers to qualify for points in the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED Program.

Warranty Coverage 

Stevens EP-XL is available with standard 15 year material and labor warranty coverage. In addition, Stevens offers an optional Stevens PunctureGuard warranty and the Stevens GoGreen Reflectivity warranty when Stevens Total System warranties are purchased. Contact the Stevens Technical Department for additional information.