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Gorell Enterprises is a manufacturer of specially engineered, custom-manufactured windows for replacement and new-construction applications, patio doors, aluminum storm windows and doors, sunrooms and conservatories. The roots of the company can be traced to the very origin of the replacement window industry. In 1947, the Gorell family began a successful window manufacturing operation and in the 1960s it pioneered the concept of the replacement window. Until then, the innovation of producing custom-made windows to replace less-efficient windows with minimal structural alterations to homes was unknown.

Wayne Gorell later founded Gorell Windows & Doors on the philosophy that homeowners will purchase top-quality windows and doors for their homes for their numerous benefits as well as the peace of mind knowing they’ll never have to replace them again. Instilling a spirit of constant improvement and innovation into his company, Gorell is known for constantly pushing his employees to design and manufacture the finest windows and doors in America.

The question might be asked that, if Gorell Enterprises is so focused on quality, why does it have neither a quality assurance department nor service teams? The answer lies in Wayne Gorell’s philosophy on quality—every employee in the company is responsible for quality and that means that no product should leave the facility unless it meets Gorell's highest standards.

This unique approach has resulted in an impressive record of success in Gorell's 12-year history. In 1999 Gorell was ranked #30 on the INC 500 list of the country’s fastest-growing privately held companies. The company was also selected as the only window manufacturer to partner with the National Crime Prevention Council. More recently, Gorell was honored with the ENERGY STAR® Sustained Excellence Award after being named Partner of the Year in the "windows" category for the third consecutive year.



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